Don’t believe the airport myths on investments and capacity

by Thomas Biering, Policy Director, A4E

In recent months, ACI Europe and its member airports have claimed that A4E’s campaign for more effective EU regulation of airport charges threatens the development of airport infrastructure; seeks to undermine the “user pays” principle; and that the European Commission’s review of the Airport Charges Directive (ACD) creates uncertainty and risks affecting the value and attractiveness of European airports as assets.

This is a smokescreen and simply not credible. European airlines do not oppose investments in infrastructure and recognise that airport capacity constraints are a challenge. The “user pays” principle means that airports seek to recover their costs through user fees (charges) ...
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An inconvenient truth: “green aviation taxes” are not a silver bullet

by Thomas Biering, Policy Director, A4E

The liberalisation of the EU’s aviation market in the 1990s unleashed intense competition between European airlines which has lowered fares and increased choice. Flying is now for the many, not the few.

The democratisation of air travel in Europe is a major success story that has created economic and social benefits, allowing people to travel freely, visit friends and family abroad, experience new places and cultures and pursue business opportunities. Aviation has facilitated and supported the cross-border ties that are a hallmark of the 21st century, connecting people and ideas.

Demand for air travel is expected to continue to grow in the ...
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Rudolph’s Big-winged Helpers: How Air Cargo Supports the Holidays

By Guillaume Xavier-Bender, Policy Director, Airlines 4 Europe (A4E)
It is not a myth. Nor a legend. Or a tall tale told to children to keep them wondering and amazed: Presents do fly around the world for Christmas. Yet Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph aren’t the only ones soaring tirelessly through the skies pulling their bottomless sleigh. Like Santa, they too have helpers who make sure that the gifts and delights wished for the holidays arrive on time, and intact. These helpers are air cargo carriers. Their sleighs range from full freighters, such as Boeing’s 747-8F or Airbus’ A330-220F, to the bellies of regular passenger aircraft ...
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Targeted regulation of Europe’s monopoly airports is possible and practical. Here’s why it matters.

by Thomas Biering, Policy Director, A4E

It is no secret that A4E has been doggedly campaigning for economic regulation of monopoly airports for several years now.

Why is this so important?

Because our experience -- and the initial findings from the European Commission’s review of the Airport Charges Directive (ACD) -- shows that some European airports misuse their dominant position, first and foremost in the form of setting excessive airport charges (fees that airlines pay to use airport infrastructure and/or related services).

Thanks to intense competition between airlines, air travel within Europe has never been more accessible or affordable than it is today. Nevertheless, monopoly airports levying excessive ...
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