Addressing the cybersecurity threat: making aviation fit for the 21st century

By Agnès Leroux, Policy Director, A4E
October marks the European month of Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is not a new topic in aviation, but recent increases in the number of hacks, data theft and phishing have brought the issue into the spotlight. Behind the scenes, A4E and its members are heavily involved in a variety of initiatives to create a cyber resilient aviation system in Europe. The complexity of developing a cybersecure environment is not only technological, but also human and organisational. Indeed, all stakeholders must be part of the equation, including service providers and passengers.

We are team players

Because we are well aware that we cannot fight ...
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Eduardo Santander, Executive Director, European Travel Commission

Europe is the most visited region in the world, attracting more than half of all global travellers. The importance of the tourism sector for European economic and social development cannot be overstated. Here’s a quick look at the key figures :

  • Tourism generates (directly and indirectly) 10.1% of total EU-28 GDP
  • Visitor exports add € 441 billion to the European economy
  • 565 million international arrivals registered last year to the EU-28 countries
  • Tourism supports 27.3 million jobs in the EU

Tourism stimulates economic growth by generating income, employment and investment in Europe. On top of this, it enables ...
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Sustainability: “We are not willing to create an unreasonable burden for European aviation.” – Interview with Pekka Henttu and Maja Ahokas on the aviation priorities of the Finnish EU Presidency.

A4E: Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union began on 01 July. In what direction will you be taking the EU and its transport policy during the next six months? MA: Yes, we have just started our Presidency so we are very much eager and looking forward to it! Our slogan is: “Smart connections for sustainable growth”. We have four main policy areas: 1 -Digital transport services; 2- Safe and sustainable automation of traffic; 3- A fully carbon-free transport system; 4- Data – we want the EU to be the frontrunner in data utilisation. We have now officially approved our governmental program following the April ...
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Summer has arrived. Are ATC delays heating up?

In May I promised a follow up report on the ATC delay situation this summer, following new measures introduced by A4E airlines this spring. According to the latest Eurocontrol figures - there's good news - and still some bad news to report. First the good news:
  • Delays caused by weather and ATC strikes have decreased from 18,000 minutes of delay per day (Jan.-June 2018) to 9,600 minutes of delay per day (Jan.-June 2019).
  • En-route delays are slightly down compared to last year, and even better than originally forecasted.
Now, the bad news:
  • Structural delays due to ATC staffing and capacity shortfalls continue to increase (from ...
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