ICAO solution for aviation emissions & government support for sustainable low carbon fuels in aviation

A4E calls on all governments to support ICAO’s (International Civil Aviation Organisation) proposed carbon offset scheme to cap emissions from 2020. During the review of the EU Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) for aviation later this year, the European legislator should ensure the competitiveness of European carriers and avoid adverse financial and political implications. The implementation of the global scheme should render existing and new economic measures for international aviation emissions on a regional or national basis unnecessary. A4E’s expectation is that the global carbon offsetting scheme will replace the aviation ETS. In this context, A4E has participated earlier this year in a public consultation of the European Commission.

Unlike ground transport, aviation does not have alternative energy sources such as hydrogen, natural gas and electrical batteries while favourable renewable energy policies for transport focus primarily on road vehicles. The only fuel alternative available for aviation in the short to mid-term are sustainable low-carbon fuels but we currently face high prices and low availability. Therefore, a more favourable policy framework is necessary to create a stable market environment, ensuring a sufficient, price-competitive and non-distortive supply. An example for such a policy incentives is the use of aviation biofuels in the Renewable Energy Directive (which has so far only been put into practices in The Netherlands). A4E also supports current ideas in the European Parliament to encourage Member States to use bio-waste, in particular for the production of sustainable low carbon fuels for aviation, within the scope of the Proposal for a Directive amending Directive 2008/98/EC on Waste.


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