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Yasmina Lommel

Administrative Office Assistant

Yasmina Lommel
Tel. +32 27 93 09 11

Yasmina Lommel joined A4E as an Administrative Office Assistant in June 2019. She is responsible for daily office management, accounting and other administrative tasks. She is also the Executive Assistant to the Managing Director.

Prior to joining A4E, Yasmina worked in the Translation industry, managing Life Sciences Translation projects and several client accounts. Apart from her work at A4E, she is also involved in non-profit organisations on behalf of young people in Brussels, where she serves as a member of the administrative committee.

Yasmina has lived and studied in different cities throughout Europe, including four years working in Spain. She holds a Master’s degree in Translation from the Institut Libre Marie Haps in Brussels. A Belgian national, Yasmina is fluent in French, English and has a high proficiency in Spanish. She can also manage basic conversations in Catalan and in Arabic.