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More than 720 million

passengers per year

More than 3,000



flights per week

More than € 130 billion

in annual revenues

Destination 2050

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European aviation is committed to decarbonize air transport and accelerate its efforts to make Europe the world’s first CO2 neutral continent by 2050. Acknowledging our responsibilities despite the current crisis we are coming together in an unprecedented way to unveil our flagship sustainability initiative: Destination 2050 – A route to net zero European aviation. Learn more


The health of A4E passengers and crews is our top priority.


We continue to work closely with national, EU and international health and aviation authorities to monitor the latest COVID-19 developments.

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Who We Are

Founded in 2016, we represent the united voice of Europe’s leading airlines in Brussels. Our 16 airline group members represent over 70% of European air traffic and carry over 700 million passengers per year. Leading global aircraft manufacturer are also members of A4E. Airlines with cargo and mail activities transport more than 5 million tons of goods to more than 360 destinations annually.

Our goal is to ensure the sustainable growth of aviation and contribute positively to the socioeconomic development of European nations.

What We Do

Aviation strengthens ties between citizens, businesses, and communities across borders — and facilitates European integration: the free movement of people and goods. We advocate on behalf of our members to shape EU aviation policy to the ultimate benefit of passengers. Our goal is a safe, sustainable and competitive air transport market in Europe.