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Our Pledge

Regardless of the cause of flight disruptions — even when it is caused by external factors beyond our control — A4E airlines pledge to provide information, care and assistance to minimise the impact and length of the disruption on our passengers.

We provide services to all travellers in an equal manner and we work to accommodate their diverse needs. A4E airlines pay particular attention to persons with special needs and those accompanying them, including the needs of unaccompanied minors. Here are a few examples of our consumer pledge in action:

A4E Consumer Pledge

A4E Consumer Pledge 01: Information, Accessibility, Safety
A4E Consumer Pledge 02: Mobility, Care, Clear Complaints Procedures
  • A4E airlines inform consumers about their passenger rights via information brochures located at airline check-in desks, at the gates and on the airlines’ web sites.
  • Lufthansa Group passengers are informed about their rights under EU 261 (passenger rights legislation) via dedicated information on the airline’s website.
A4E Consumer Pledge: Information
  • Ryanair passengers with reduced mobility and their travelling companions are given priority in case of disruptions. Wheelchair accessible rooms and wheelchair accessible transportation between the airports and place of accommodation (hotel or other as needed) are provided.
A4E Consumer Pledge: Accessibility
  • Aircraft are checked before every flight. In addition, mandatory inspections are carried out every 1–2 months, with more extensive checks performed every 12–15 months.
  • Among A4E aircraft, routine maintenance including over 10,000 mandatory inspections (A-checks) were performed in 2019.
A4E Consumer Pledge: Safety
  • In 2020, Lufthansa will introduce automated meal voucher activation as well as a hotel management tool in case of flight irregularities in order to improve passenger satisfaction.
  • During late night delays when airport shops or cafes are closed, airBaltic arranges beverages as well as snacks or light meals for its passengers.
  • Many A4E airlines additionally offer passengers hotel accommodation, transport to/from the airport as well as telephone/email access in case of flight irregularities.
A4E Consumer Pledge: Care
  • airBaltic has developed a simple online claim handling process via its website — with all necessary information collected during the first contact to expedite processing. If compensation is due and all correct information received, the claim can be solved quickly — in most cases with just one letter.
  • Ryanair has a clear and transparent process for claiming EU261 compensation. A three-step online claim form allows passengers to submit claims in less than 5 minutes, with all eligible claims paid within 10 days.
A4E Consumer Pledge: Clear Complaints Procedures