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A4E calls on all players in European aviation to learn the lessons of 2022 to prevent a repeat of the summer chaos

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Brussels, 04 October – Airlines for Europe (A4E) is calling on all players in European aviation to step up their collaboration to ensure the experience of the past summer is not repeated.

Speaking today at the Eurocontrol Conference entitled Where to Next for European Aviation?, Managing Director Thomas Reynaert highlighted the challenges in ramping up capacity in the airline industry after nearly two years of relative inactivity and how airlines have been working tirelessly to overcome them. He noted however that airlines are highly dependent on a complex infrastructure that has failed to operate the way it should this summer.

From insufficient staffing at airport security, to slow border control and ATC strikes, Summer 2022 was filled with obstacles for airlines as they continue to recover from the devasting effects of the COVID 19 pandemic. Of particular concern is the continued requests at short notice from some major European airports for airlines to reduce capacity due to their inability to cope with the quick uptick in passenger demand.

Speaking on a panel entitled Avoiding the chaos of 2022, Reynaert said that:

“Airlines are dependent a whole host of services to bring passengers from A to B on time. Too often over the summer, airlines have had additional challenges arise because of failings at airports, insufficient staff at ground handlers and ATC strikes. Often these issues arise at very short notice, making it difficult for airlines to adapt.”

“Airlines do not operate in a vacuum. We therefore need a joint approach that ensures all of us in the European aviation industry work as closely as possible to avoid reductions in capacity – especially at short notice. Airlines are working tirelessly to meet passenger demand and ensure flights depart and arrive on time. A4E and its members have been in close contact with its airport partners, suppliers, the European Commission and national governments to proactively address the challenges of the Summer. We expect others to continue to engage positively and proactively as well to ensure we do not see the chaos of Summer 2022 repeated. ”


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Airlines for Europe (A4E) is Europe’s largest airline association, based in Brussels. A4E works with policymakers to ensure aviation policy continues to connect Europeans with the world in a safe, competitive and sustainable manner. As a key initiator of aviation’s Destination 2050 roadmap, A4E and its members committed to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions for their own operations by 2050. With a modern fleet of over 3,200 aircraft, A4E airlines carried over 270 million passengers in 2021 — down from 700 million in 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Each year, A4E members with air cargo and mail activities transport more than 3.7 million tonnes of goods, life-saving vaccines and essential medical equipment to more than 360 destinations either by freighters or passenger aircraft. Follow us on Twitter @A4Europe.