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EU Transport Ministers should seize the opportunity for a strong and sustainable European airline industry

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Brussels, 5 December 2022– Ahead of today’s transport ministerial meeting in Brussels, Airlines for Europe (A4E) is calling on transport ministers to turn words into action and focus on policies that can help to maintain a strong and competitive European airline industry.

Europe has faced multiple crises this year which has highlighted the need to ensure airlines can operate in a cost-efficient manner within a robust single market for aviation.

This week marks an important milestone for European aviation with key negotiations due to take place on ReFuelEU, the EU’s Emissions Trading System (ETS) and on the Single European Sky. These files will have a significant impact on the future of Europe’s aviation industry so it is crucial to get them right.

A4E has written to EU transport ministers outlining key recommendations such as a single Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) mandate to go with ambitious but achievable quotas for SAF, as well as pricing mechanisms to close the gap between SAF and fossil fuel. We also continue to urge member states to seize the opportunity of Single European Sky and its potential 10% reduction in emissions.

Commenting ahead of the meetings of ministers and other policymakers this week, Managing Director of A4E Thomas Reynaert said, “Aviation is a critical mode of transport for millions of Europeans and we urge policymakers to focus on implementing policies that can help airlines achieve their ambitious target of net zero emissions by 2050 while also maintaining a robust and competitive aviation market in Europe.”


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