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The Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) and Airlines For Europe (A4E) Cooperate to Enhance the Performance of Europe’s Air Traffic Management


The Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO), representing Europe’s air navigation service providers (ANSP), has agreed to work together constructively with A4E to enhance the performance of Europe’s air traffic management (ATM) network in the future.

The first goal of this cooperation is to discuss and gain a common understanding of the technical, operational, regulatory and legal issues that exist today related to industrial action in the European ATM network. In six months, both organisations will evaluate progress in addressing these issues that affect the whole of Europe.

CANSO and A4E recognise that, where measures to help minimise the impact of industrial action on passengers are not already in place, for example a compulsory minimum of 72 hours notification of participation in a strike, these should be implemented by European States where possible and practical.

In addition, CANSO and A4E welcome the intention of the European Commission to make recommendations to European governments building on the existing efforts of both CANSO and A4E.

“CANSO is ready to engage in a collaborative and productive relationship that achieves the objectives of a reliable air transport system, enabling passengers and businesses to enjoy the full benefits of free movement by air in Europe. CANSO recognises the right to strike of European citizens and, while we would have preferred a different tone and approach to the A4E campaign, we fully recognise that industrial action in some countries has had a significant impact on airline operations over the past few years. CANSO Members share our customers’ determination to reduce any disruption to the travelling public and deliver real benefits to consumers. CANSO Members have worked hard to establish a welldefined culture of consultation and negotiation in cases where there are diverging opinions and potential for industrial action to occur. As a result, most ANSPs and their social partners have successfully avoided industrial action or managed the action to reduce the impact on the travelling public”, said Martin Rolfe, CEO NATS and Chair of CANSO Europe.

“CANSO and its Members are key to maintaining a reliable air transport network in Europe. We welcome the clear position they are taking and appreciate that a large majority of ANSPs and their social partners have experienced no industrial action for a significant period of time. Our Free Movement Call for Action campaign proposes a menu of measures which we believe provide a good basis to address the impact of industrial action on consumers and businesses. We will continue to work proactively on the campaign which has been a top priority for us since the launch of A4E”, said Thomas Reynaert, Managing Director of Airlines for Europe.

CANSO and A4E urge other key stakeholders to join this partnership as a joint effort is the only way to protect and enhance the overall performance of the European ATM network and more widely, the reputation, jobs and prosperity of Europe.


CANSO — the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation — is the global voice of air traffic management (ATM) worldwide. CANSO Members support over 85 percent of world air traffic. Members share information and develop new policies, with the ultimate aim of improving air navigation services (ANS) on the ground and in the air. CANSO represents its Members’ views in major regulatory and industry forums, including at ICAO, where it has official Observer status. CANSO has an extensive network of Associate Members drawn from across the aviation industry.

For more information, please contact:
Quentin Browell
Director of Communications, CANSO
+31 (0)23 568 5380